Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Silomanity Syndrome (Expressed as a prosetry)

By design within cocoon – womb

By urge to liberate – birth

By fate in conflict with risk – survival

By nature experience rewards – growth

By instinct I (ego) and need (desire) team up – ownership

By herd push self to seek more – wealth

By choice demand more supply less – narrow think

By fate places I v/s ant-I, me v/s them all – competition

By anxiety happiness a win-lose, than a win-win – struggle

By fear want to go back to some cocoon – uncertainty

By options – go back square one, build a-new, be a cuckoo – choices

By result – compromises, conflict, confusion – frustration

By think – reflect, realize, accept, turning point – transformation

By heart – convert failures into learnings – mature

By thought – life journey bridges beyond ordinary – extra ordinary

By result – resurrection, resurgence, rewards – self-belief

Believe in being gifted as is everyone else.

It’s not the gift but the belief that cures the silomanity syndrome

Silomanity – Our silo we call I (the ego) that cancerously devours us
Happiness is sheer pure belief in yourself without silomanity!

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