Monday, December 7, 2015

Catch 22nd Century!

For people who have grow-up through the mid-1900's into the twenty-first century, the journey has provided a unique perspective of how 'change' has accelerated in recent times. Here is a lighter vein predictive view into the future for today's 'Smart and Connected' to see how life will now transition forward through the third millennium and catch up with the twenty-second century. Please turn ON your sense of humour before you read further!

-  Aside the traditional primary senses of sound, sight, touch, smell taste and the 6th sense of perception a newer 7th sense called 'CONOFF' will get added to the primary senses - its evolution having roots in the 'on-line status' era and sensing people's connected status on/off.

- Concepts of the 20th century and earlier such as name of person, address, etc. will become a thing of the past and humans will transition into being a category of 'things' amongst the tens of billions of Internet of Things!

-  The new age human will be called as the - Psycho Continuum Bio Mass (PCBM)!
-  UID (unique) will be replaced by DID (Dynamic)
- Face and Identity change saloons will come of age. Multi-lives between birth and death will be the new reality.

- Two categories would exist - Domestic and Interstellar, with the former meaning anywhere locally on earth.

- Thought banks will come into existence and thoughts will get traded on the Universal Thought Exchanges.

- Dharma (Righteousness), Karma (Action) and Marma (Intrinsic Truth) will be the new age Pharma!

- Solar Dams, constructed across the interstellar space-scape will overcome the challenge posed by unavailability of continual light from all the star-sources, all the time.
- Thought banks will continue to invest into newer research for enabling sustainable power sources through controlled planetary rotation and revolutions.

- Cloud Bursts will drown everything under a barrage of mammoth data downpour at regular intervals