Monday, August 11, 2014

Go Ego Go!

A Frustrated Stiff Lip
An Ego Stuck Neck Deep
Got Thrown Up Ashore
Amidst A Corp Rejig
Dazed, Startled, Stun
Knew Not If To Stay Or Run
Saw A Son-Of-A-Gun
Was having Lots-Of-Fun
Had A Little Doubt
But Dared Check That Stout
Got Himself Into A Bout
No Way To Go In Or Out?
Hands And Legs Not Bound
Felled Himself To The Ground
Prayed His Heart No Sound
Square One It Felt All Around
With Nowhere To Hide And Run
And Nowhere To Find Any Fun
Dream Up, Eyed The Rising Sun
Awake, Alert, Silent and Mum!
Shocked, Bruised, Pained But Wise
Got Off From His Slumber To Rise
Promised Pledged Never To Disguise
His Ego, His Image, His Selfie, His Size!