Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Nu-dream - a thought illusion!

One fine night, I saw a new nu-dream, 
A flowing illusion of thoughts' stream,
Hurtling speedily, silently, caringly,
Not wanting to wake me; if at all, sparingly.

I saw our beautiful Universe closely,
An unending flow of abundant energy,
Glowing and shining in magnificent glory,
Unaware of our scarcity - poverty - story.

I saw our mighty earth struggle and sweat,
Just to complete a little stress test,
What seemed like a little indigestion in its belly,
Was now a blob of green house gases, too many.

Aim-less, energy-less, power-less,
It pleaded with the Universe, breathless,
To spare some energy from all its might
In any form it wished - heat, sound or light.

The response was a mixture of fission and fusion,
Yet what was heard was fossil fuel, amidst confusion,
And so our own wood, coal, water, oil and gas we sapped,
For centuries together, until we felt ill and trapped.

The Universe again urged us to clear our messy past,
To see reason and walk on its nu-clear path, fast,
Reap benefits from this clean, affordable energy,
For achieving a planet-people-power synergy.

This time around, Earth heard it nice and clear,
No doubt to think, no rhyme or reason to fear,
Many centuries later, the Universe was smiling,
Seeing a cluster of Nu-power farms, mushrooming,

"And how does it feel now, in the belly, dear Earth?"
"Hip, Hip, Hurray", laughed the blue eyed boy of the Universe!
"Tring, Tring, Tring", the melody alarm yawn,
"My dream, a reality, one day, some dawn?"