Wednesday, July 6, 2011

20 Tweets..

A memorable collection of 20 original tweets @valurevolution

1. Isn't it ur true insight of ur inside, that is clearing ur vision of ur outside? Aren't ur true values inside, enriching ur value outside?

2. What's
#Valurevolution? It's a dream wher it is usual 4 ppl 2 b doing little things regularly to Inspire Values, Create Value & Enrich Life!

3. Life is about choosing the right frequencies to transmit & receive. Options are many such as love, hate, worry, hope, joy, sorrow, inspire!!

4. The leader & ladder r both 'inclined', serve people 2 climb, R means 2 achieve ends.1 inspires'n'connects wit ppl, othr jst dead wood!

5. Inspiration resides within, glows ceaselessly through open doors & windows of ur mind, enriching u & passing travellers too!

6. Relationships with people are pursued by many Relating to people is pursued by few

7. Love - expressions of our impressions! Pain - impressions of our sensations! Relationships - sensations of our impressions and expressions!!

8. Mind has no wings, yet it soars our hopes ovr the sky!

9. 30 yrs ago,used 2 write letters,with a wish "Fly letter fly, bring a sweet reply". 2 day the wish is "Fly twitter fly, bring a tweet reply"!

10. Money-jst a measur of value.Life's helth dtrmind by Values! Money lost, nothng lost; health lost, somethng lost; character/values lost-Hell!

11. People! A 100% all season's peace of mind money formula. Spend less than you earn. Be debt (loan/credit card, borrowing) free. Save, Invest!

12. enjoyed driving in rains ovr "highways"n"flyovers".Wondrd why r "they" cald so?Neithr r high nor is anyone flying anywhr.Questn th UnQstnd !

13. Journo shot,Youths tortured+burnt,Protestrs caned+evicted@ night,Terrorist acquitted, x Dead y Maimed z Misng.Tolernce-Patience-Silnce-Life!

14. Is MFH yet another soul 2 join the long queue of souls, whom we as a nation did not value enough when alive? Who's 'dead' 'n' who's 'alive'!

15. Adversity-our best university outside! Insecurity-our best university inside! In both,we learn'n'gain our best experiences outside'n'inside!

16. Life-an orchestra! Musicians-thots,atitud,Instrumnts-organs,talnt,Audience-Envirnmnt & Conductr(U).Pur conduct=Noise, evn if othr 3 in sync!

17. being "IMPERFECT" is part of life, not a problem at all. It becomes a huge problem, only when one reads & interpretes it as "I M PERFECT"...

18. Its painful 2 discover u r not trusted by who u trust, yet hav faith & patience 2 stay calm, pause & find courage, not 2 give up u r trust..

19. The corrupt thought government meant GO-EaRN-MINT. V (We) would be silent. Thankfully V did not remain silent and stood up in one Voice!

20. Puzzle of life! No. of death's not = No. of Birth's. Many just breath all their lives & a few just don't die, well after their last breath!!