Sunday, May 4, 2014

5 Day's Outdoor Residential Program for Kids 2014

This was our fourth year of conducting the 5-day outdoor residential kids program. The first year had just two enthusiasts participating, that too from Latur! We were overwhelmed and hence decided to pursue it again with some changes..

Our second program was conducted in 2012 and details of the same are posted at this link:
Our third program was conducted in 2013 and details of the same are posted at this link:

This 2014 year's program 'kid'-started in mid-April 2014 and continued till mid-May 2014! This year we had four batches instead of two in the previous years!
This time around I will just summarize the results of what the kids experienced during the program, and request you to read the previous years blogs for more details regarding the purpose and thinking behind this wonderful program:

This year the kids experienced the following :
- Meet and make new friends really quickly
- Experience independence, freedom with responsibility
- Experience individual as well as team/group activities
- Eating healthy food as well as following healthy eating habits
- City Farming / Terrace Farming (Using organic waste)
- Book Binding (Using previous academic year's unused pages)
- The joy of YES - Your Exciting Success! Synergy of Attitude + Talent..
- Solving the Rubik's Cube One Step at a Time. Focus - Practice - Concentrate
- Making, Packing and Selling a Beautiful Product Live to Unknown Strangers
- Astro-Gazing, Learning Tricks behind Magic, Shadow Play
- Early Morning Bird Activity
- Breathing Right
- Write any table between 1-99 within a minute using unit's & ten's place
- Cooking two items (From the following: Fruit Punch, Grill Sandwich, Pot Ice-Cream, Bhel, Mango Milk Shake)
- Painting Basics and more
- Visiting a nearby hill station (Matheran) and enjoying 8-10 kms walk including jungle trail, echo amidst mountains and valleys, riding horses uphill, enjoying the garden games as well as the flora-and-fauna and sometimes the toy-train too!
- Audio Video's related to Dignity of Labour, Failure Handling, Anger Management, Respect, Positive Attitude, Determination, and Listening Ability
- Climbing up 400 to 500 steps on to a hill-top to get a 360 degree view of the countryside and then enjoying a live outdoor painting session
- Effective Communications using the technique of EPL
- Talent Show (Optional)
- One - minute Speech
- Many more leisure activities including swing, badminton, carom, table-tennis, etc.
- The overall experience of five fun filled exhausting days (without TV!!)

This year we had kids participating from as far away as Bhor, to Pune, Vasai, Kandivli, Thane, Chembur, Ghatkopar, Vile-Parle, Ambarnath, Kalyan, etc. We also had many parents who had aspired to have their kids participate but could not, due to genuine reasons.
We will cherish all the cheerful and positive feedback we continue to receive from parents and kids. While the kids feedback is contained in the photos and videos here, we are happy to reproduce some the parent's feedback received over sms/eMail etc., as well..
Some Parent's / Guardian's Feedback:

" Kids thoroughly enjoyed 5 days. I am short of words to express our gratitude to you all for giving such cherish able experience to us." - Sujaya Ingale, Pune (Service)

"Thanks a lot for organising wonderful experience for Ruchika. She has really enjoyed and learnt good things". Hemant Bhange, Thane (Vice President, Tools and Hardware Biz, Raymond)

"It was indeed a good decision to send the kids for the camp. The kids enjoyed with some great learning. Indeed we look forward to do it again. Shall recommend to family and friends. PS. Kids enjoyed the food preparation." - Harish Naidu - Thane (Director - DeSource Switchgear Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

"Hey, they had ball of a time. Great Initiative. Keep doing it often. Wish we had a chance to be kids again." - Umesh Naidu - Kalyan (Service)

"Good Morning. My child enjoy full 5 days. He is very happy. Thanks." - Snehal Kale, Kalyan

"Yes. She enjoyed a lot. All the time she was talking & sharing the experiences in Rikshaw & and home also. Proof she wants to come for 5th and 12th batch! I am happy, as she learnt many things such as prayers at night which she had stopped after she was 10 years old, Rubic-cube, 99 and some other tables, Good confidence in maths & stage performance, speech, etc. Thanks for the nice time and moments you both shared." - Nandita Shirali, Vile Parle

"Varda is just talking about you all...she wants to come again...we would surely inform other kids too.." - Mrs. Vijaya Deshpande, Thane (Director - Conscript)

"Thanks a lot , Varda has definitely enjoyed the stay. Appreciate your efforts and innovative ways of imparting the knowledge. We will look forward to sending her to the camp in future as well." - Mr. Pranjal Deshpande, Thane (VP - Software Delivery - Global Functions, HSBC Technology and Services India)

Other parents too enthusiastically gave us their positive feedback over phone which we are unable to express here in words. But it was all YES!

Thank you!

Here are the links to the photos and videos:

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Audio-Video Presentations:

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Click Here to View Kedar's AV Presentation

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Click Here to View Varda's AV Presentation

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Click Here to View Hrishikesh's AV Presentation

Click Here to View Dhruva's AV Presentation

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Click Here to View Ruchika's AV Presentation

The journey continues...