Monday, June 27, 2011

Of many and few..

Earners of degrees are many
Learners from education are few

Followers of money are many
Creaters of wealth are few

Seekers of success and fortune are many
Bearers of values and value are few

Followers of the rich and famous are many
Believers in themselves are few

Takers in life are many
Givers in life are few

Preachers in life are many
Listeners in life are few

Followers of leaders are many
Leaders of worth are few

Humans in the world are many
Humanity lives only amongst a few

Liking what you do is a fantasy for many
Doing what you like is a reality for few

Falling in life is experienced by many
Rising after each fall is pursued by few

Relationships with people are pursued by many
Relating to people is pursued by few

The gift of life dies a thought, inaction for many
The joy of life lives a thought'n'action for a few

World -  a dissection of nations'n'territory for many
World - a miracle in the universe for few

Which way to go, has choices a many;
Alas, it's where to go, that know a few

Finance and accounts value assets a money(many!)
Alas, people as assets are valued a few

The journey called life has hurdles a many;
Though joy from its adventure has parallel's a few

Birth and Death are inevitable to many
It's their life in between that live a few

Worrying past & future brings death to many
Enjoying their present brings to life a few

Faking their smile is a routine for many
Hiding their sorrow is a talent for few

Buildings and bunglows are houses for many
It's making them their home that manage a few

Doctors and drugs cure diseases a many
It's the touch of care that heals a few

Body, mind and soul accompany people a many
It's their harmony within that experience a few