Friday, May 20, 2011

Matter of Art - Real v/s Virtual!

Works of art such as paintings have been displayed at several art galleries and other display areas across the world. Intrusions of technology and gadgets have impacted the art work as well. Was wondering about the positive impacts that technology has or can have in the world of art. 
Two entities play an important role in the art world. The Artist and the Art Enthusiast. Wondered if technology had indeed brought these two key participants closer quantitatively and qualitatively. A definitive yes answer was obvious considering the wild spread of social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and many more, that had quantitatively succeeded in connecting or re-connnecting millions of people, including artists and art enthusiasts. 
The Qualitiative question, seemed to require a bit more stretching of the grey matter. Artists are known to have the power of imagination and visualization rich in terms of observation, understanding and building the work of art that they have virtually imagined. It then takes the right mix of talent and attitude to translate this into physical forms such as paintings and sculptures, that ordinary mortals can see, feel and appreciate.
Therefore, was there a medium that could bring artists and art enthusiasts from all over the world, together to experience a qualitatively richer experience. How about a Virtual Art Gallery !?

The joy for the artist lies in creating the physical work of art that he/she has imagined and visualized. This is not taken away from the artist by the virtual art gallery. Similarly, the joy for the art enthusiasts is in terms of viewing, feeling and experiencing the artists work of art and relating with it. This I do not think will erode in any way. Enthusiasts will certainly continue to go to the art galleries and enjoy the physical experience of interacting with the artist and his/her art.
The virtual art galleries would simply provide an additional platform and advantage of reaching out to a significantly larger fraternity. Unlike, 2D images, the gallery environment kind of appeals to the viewing experience. Infact, technology might enable with a combination of 3D viewing and haptic devices enablement, the capability of viewers to even look, feel and sense a more "real" gallery experience.                 
What are the advantages and drawbacks of a Virtual Art Gallery (for both artists and art enthusiasts and buyers) as compared to a Real physical art gallery/exibit space ?
Some Benefits of a Real Art Gallery
  • Artist gets an opportunity to exhibit original work, express and interact in person with several known/unknown art enthusiasts and buyers, as well as interchange of immediate feedback/sale etc. (Like in a live theatre performance)
  • The unique experience associated with a live exhibition
  • Sense of Scale and Feel/Touch etc. is richer
Some Drawbacks of a Real Art Gallery
  • Limited exibit window (Geo location, Venue, Dates, Visitors, Space)
  • Cost in terms of time (long que for well established galleries), and affordability (cost of gallery, exibit logistics and incidental risks involved)
Some Advantages of a Virtual Art Gallery
  • Enthusiasts can view the exibits from the comfort of their homes/offices, anytime, in both ‘auto’ and ‘interactive’ modes without
  • Any additional software required for viewing (viewer come built-in) while keeping the
  • Content in digital form and hence can be viewed on PC, Laptops as well as by connecting it on display devices such as LCD/LED TV’s , or even projecting it on larger screens/walls as well as add
  • Music, Commentary, Captions etc. to enhance the experience and
  • Buying / Buying Intent decisions can be made on the spot for accordingly communicating to artists suitably including
  • Feedback using multiple modes of communication,with the ultimate freedom of
  • Unlimited Window !where
  • The world is your gallery !
Some Disadvantages of a Virtual Art Gallery
  • It's Virtual !
  • It's Technology driven (and dependent)
Overall, I am kind of inclined to lean a bit towards the positive benefits of Virtual Art Museum's  due to their single biggest advantage of providing an exciting platform of "connecting and communicating" for artists, art enthusiasts, art promotors, as well as buyers and investors world over.

It also seems to me to be a huge opportunity for building an immensely valuable social cum business network for art lovers. Just imagine the awareness explosion of having your art displayed in a plethora of virtual environments.
So was kind of thinking (actually visualising) about a Virtual Exibition. Eventually, with some bit of research, imagination, creativity, and technology, was able to put together and present our Value Art within a Virtual Art Museum. The same is right here on display in the Value Art in a Virtual Art Gallery section of this blog. Invite you to visit the virtual art museum and provide your comments, suggestions and feedback on the Matter of Art - Real v/s Virtual!