Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A child's refreshingly expressed vision of India!

Often, a series of independent events fall together in place to create a synergy of positive thoughts and actions. This refreshingly expressed child's vision of India cheered many a hearts here, much before New York's Madison Square was rocked by NaMo!

Here's that speech for you to enjoy, share and practice!

A Child's Vision of India! (Audio-Video)

The Vision Speech Text!
The day - 5th September (2014). The time - 3pm. Our new prime minister, Shri. Narendra Modi spoke directly to children, all over India. It was truly an eye opener for me. My wheel of thoughts started turning fast!

How is the India I really want ?

My immediate thought was, my India should be the most favorite, dream country of the world! A beautiful country with wonderful people. Wow!

Then I thought, how will my India become the most favorite country? Surely, it has to start with people's well being. I thought, every well to do Indian must hold the hand of another poor Indian and do whatever is required to remove his poverty and make him self-reliant for food, clothes, shelter and earning money.

Then off course I want my India to be sparkling clean and full of greenery everywhere. I want an India where no one is throwing garbage anywhere except garbage bins. No one is spitting, smoking or swatting in public places. Everyone is very disciplined and joyously keeping Mother India, very clean and pollution free.

Then, I want an India to be a truly developed country. For example, we must build excellent public facilities that people will use popularly by choice. Be it good roads, railways, stations, hospitals, schools, play grounds and even public toilets. Our public facilities should become a matter of national pride,
like the Taj Mahal!

The India of my dreams has all the Indians united by purpose, while enjoying the freedom of religion, language and cultures. Imagine, everyone joining hands to make sure that India becomes a leader in various fields such as sports, agriculture, healthcare, technology, space and many more areas. We produce enough food for everyone, enough work for everyone and where every village and city is lighted up by electricity and glows vibrantly.

Finally, I want my India where every child like me, gets education, is inspired to dream, work hard and make them into reality, honestly and happily.

My India should be be the joy of my life, everyone's life!

Thank you.