Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Phenomenal Turnover Story..

“What are your plans for the future?”, asked a renowned journalist, one Mr. Dhat Teriki from SunSanati Network. “We started small just over five years ago”, said the middle aged and exuberant Mr. Willgetit Anyhow, CEO of Suckcess Inc. We have since achieved a year on year growth of over 100% over the last five years. From a turnover of 5, five years ago, we grew year on year to 10, then 20, then 40, and a record turnover of 80 this year. We are poised to exceed the 100 turnover mark next year. As usual, we will ensure that we reach the 1000 turnover mark in five years, by all means. Our follow-on public offer too will happen, next year.

Wow! I was spellbound along with the crowd of shareholders around me, by this success of Suckcess Inc. All were especially in awe that it could indeed achieve and dream of such rates of growth and magnificent turnovers, so quickly. When did I ever hear, witness or experience being part of such a dream growth and turnover phenomenon? Probably never before! Such success seemed rare in the world, including in the business world. Strangely, my thoughts changed tracks from the corporate business world, to the word - Turnover.

Human life comes into existence in about nine months. This phenomenally valuable turnover of form, from cell to birth of a baby, is always achieved with modest means and probably exceeds the googolplex(See Note 1) turnover mark vis-a-vis cell(See Note 2) growth, within about nine months.

Despite being amidst the crowd and noise, it almost felt as if someone had suddenly shaken me and woken me out of my sleep. Seemed, I too was a part of a similar, if not more exciting, growth and turnover story and so was everyone else in the room, since birth!

Waves of questions hit the fine sand on my thoughts shore. Why did I never ever realize or see this grand picture of growth and turnover that existed within? Was I too naive and took life for granted? Did I allow myself to be swayed away to pursuing turnover’s and numbers in the world outside, that now seemed irrelevant and artificial, in comparison?

Everyone around me got up on their feet. The shareholders and press meeting got over and we were all guided towards the trendy refreshment and recreation centre on the rooftop of this magnificent 100 storied corporate HQ building of Suckcess Inc. We all tried to make our way through the two large elevators, not large enough though to accommodate the sea of people. A few amongst us found ourselves turnover by 180 degrees, as we transitioned our way between the lobby and the elevator door. I remembered the flux of anxiety and joy that I had experienced, when my little baby of a couple of months had for the first time in its life, been able to turnover from its face up position, to its back up position – something that all babies go through before they begin to crawl. It seemed ironical and funny to me that my first 180 deg turnover too would have occurred, in my first year of existence. The crawl, the sit-up, the stand-up, the walk and the run too would have quickly followed. Was I then able to sustain the momentum of my own turnover and growth story? While the crawl to run growth happened fairly quickly, it seemed to pale in comparison to the speed of what was achieved in the first nine months until birth – which now certainly seemed nothing short of a divine miracle.

The session on the 100th floor was as grand as ever. Song, dance, music, laser shows, food, networking and more entertainment and business for anyone to digest it all. The CEO, his family and his core team were felicitated by the members of the board and other wealthy and eminent personalities. The celebration was deafening and blinding amidst the array of flashes from the cameras of the press and shareholders. It all seemed like a dream party for anyone to imagine the turnover of events that lay ahead.

A troop of simple plain clothes men, unnoticeable amidst the glitter and glamour, walked hastily past the crowd. Two of them nudged the CEO for some of his attention and accompanied him out, straight down to the ground floor office into its dark and eerie silence. By all means, the CEO seemed agitated when confronted with proof that highlighted some of the illegal and unfair means used to achieve his turnover numbers. The highly valued CEO’s rude agitation instantly transformed itself into a crestfallen and valueless soul. The shock and silence seemed unbearable. The cameras flashed more than ever before. The CEO’s turnover seemed complete.

That was not all. The word had spread. A series of plain clothes people marched in the villages across the countryside as well as in towns and cities, hunting newer forms of CEO’s - Corrupt Evil Oppressor’s, using ‘all’ means. The media and news networks, including Mr. Dhat Teriki of SunSanati Network did what they did best – flashed and rolled their cameras all over. Across the world too, plain clothes people in some nations realized that they had the powers within to overturn valueless regimes and turnover their nations CEO’s into history.

Note 1
Googol is one followed by one hundred zeros. Googolplex is 10 to the googol power. This number Googolplex is so large that even if one went to the furthest stars and nebulae in the universe, writing down one zero every inch in the journey, there would not be enough space to write it!
Note 2
A human body has about 50 trillion cells. @ 4-5 trillion of them die everyday and most of these get replaced

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