Friday, March 4, 2011

The Gadget Story..

Willy woke up to the alarm on his old digital clock at 0530 hrs. Willy got up from bed at 0545 hrs to the second alarm that sang his favourite tunes, on a trendy mobile 4D Timosphere. Willy was gifted the Timosphere – a virtual gadget that simulates ambient conditions outside his home, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, amount of sun-shine, cloud cover, wind-velocity. It also contains over 400 more downloaded wish-codes, besides keeping track of world time for him. Willy’s cousin sister had gifted it to Willy, yesterday night, on his twenty-ninth birthday.
This 4D gadget was a popular innovation launched earlier last night world-wide. The 4 principles underlying the 4D Timosphere’s design were:
  • it was virtual and did not have any permanent physical form,
  • it was mobile, available anywhere anytime, for as long as Willy desired, by just having a thought about wanting it,
  • it was customizable and Willy could pick and choose flexibly from over 400+ downloadable wish-codes, from a library of over a billion such codes, and
  • it functioned perpetually - worked and maintained itself on its own.
Willy started his day like any experienced 29 year old. He cleaned himself up at the fully programmable wash-station at home. He recharged his energy levels at the fully automated kitchen-station at home. He reset his fitness levels at the Gym-o-station at home, based on what was required by him in order to optimally carry on his long list of todo’s for the day. All the stations were virtual services that his family had subscribed to, for a 29 week period, to avail the bundled and free, home clean station subscription for 29 days. These services cost Willy’s family of 29 heads, 29 valueuros – the new global currency, for 29 days.
Willy was ready to go to work at 0745 am sharp. At the click of a thought, Willy’s work place virtually transported itself to where his house was. His workstation was equipped with all the gadgets necessary to optimally execute all his day’s todo’s, in their real-time order of changing priorities. That meant he would be able to attend all the three meetings and presentations scheduled at New York, Shanghai and Paris during the day; complete two customer visits at Mumbai and Tokyo; besides the rest of the usual work such as synchronizing sales forecasts with inventory and production capacities, for all 2929 products in their portfolio.
After a hard day’s work, Willy was ready for a dinner meeting fixed at 0730 pm, with the workers unions across their 29 manufacturing plants, to celebrate their record 29 quarters of uninterrupted production. Willy awarded the top 29 people nominated by the workers union with gadgets that made their work easier and efficient by about 29 percent.
Willy’s workday finally ended at 10 pm, just in time to be home with his family of 29, to enjoy some dessert over a couple of chess and fun games, before retiring at 1145 pm. Willy’s dream-bed was fully programmed with a choice of 2929 customizable dreams to choose from, along with their exact time of occurrence and duration. This gadget would ensure that Willy got the most optimum sleep and was ready to wake up the next day to his revised favourite tunes, to live a life fully charged by more innovative gadgets to be launched tonight!

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  1. My dream gadget is one that will sync my brain with all I need to know before I wake up -)